As former Lemon Lily customers and proud new owners of this little Oviedo gem, we know that tea time is more than “just tea”. It’s tender moments between a father and daughter, grandparents and grandchildren, mother’s day with mom, sisters dishing about life, gatherings of family and friends, remembering a loved one and so much more.

The Lemon Lily Tea Room is more than just a tea café to us and we endeavor to make it so much more than just a tea café to you. We wish blessings and a life filled with wonderment to all of our soon to be friends and guests and we hope that you will love The Lemon Lily Tea Room as much as we do.

We are delighted to meet you along this God-led journey and hope that you enjoy yourself as we continue to bring Him glory and pass on His blessings to our customers each and every day.

Peace and Blessings to you,

Husband and Wife co-owners David & Elizabeth Franks and The Lemon Lily Tea Room Family